Box Bell Sessions


An intense mixture of bag work and kettlebells. This full body workout is great for toning up and improving your muscular endurance, as well as making you sweat.

Box Hit Sessions


This is a no nonsense fat burning class. It’s high energy, high intensity and awesome if you want to burn as much fat as you can in 45 minutes. This class is great for feeling the burn and improving body conditioning.

Box beat Sessions


For all those dance lovers, this class gets you hitting the bag to the tempo of the beat. Always playing the newest hottest tracks to get you fired up for the weekend. Have fun moving to the beat of the music whilst improving power, timing and fitness.

Box Camp Sessions


Guaranteed to work the whole body and improve strength and endurance. This class uses a combination of challenging equipment including slam balls, barbells, resistant bands and kettle bells. If you want a challenging, full body workout then look no further.

Box Core Sessions


This class focuses on building a strong core foundation in the body. Plenty of ab work to keep that six pack chiseled in both winter and summer months. Brilliant class for toning that mid section.

Box Tech Sessions


This class focuses on improving your boxing skills and increasing your muscular strength in one great workout. BOxTECH covers the basic fundamentals of boxing such as stance, footwork and punching technique, whilst working on using heavy resistance weights to help build strength.

Box Flow Sessions


FLOW like a butterfly, sting like a bee!

Whether you're a pro on the bag or an experienced yogi, this class will give you nothing less than a full body workout, with a clear mind to finish. Get more from your boxing workouts by improving your physical strength and refining your functional movement and flexibility to optimise fitness, and maximise performance.

Box Tech Sessions


Self-confidence is a huge issue in youngsters today and BOx wants to help as many kids as possible to overcome their fears and become part of a community, increase self-esteem and stay motivated in and out of school. Social development is a huge part of life and something you can only learn whilst being in situations unknown to you.


Gym Private Hire Leicestershire

Whether you are keen to set up a corporate team building session to motivate your staff; supporting a charity and want to bring awareness to a good cause; you have a little one who loves boxing and fancies a kids party packed with energy and unique games; or maybe you’re getting married and fancy a stag or hen with a difference - we have done it all and can offer you a fantastic unique space for your needs.

Both locations available.

Contact us today for all hire enquiries and prices.



Box Wear


We love fashion as much as we love fitness. Own it.

Box Sessions


What to eat, what to wear and inspiration from BOxSTARS.

Box Kitchen


Refuel and re-energise in BOxKITCHEN after a hard workout.


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