Our BOxER of the month in June was Marc Coleman.

WOW – all you need to do is check out Marc’s transformation pictures (below) and the results will speak for themselves. Since Marc joined us he has really put the work in, listened to advice and ran with it. His dedication is clear (as well as the sweat he leaves behind after every session). This is why we love to praise ours members each month, because sticking to something is hard. We all know how hard it can be continuing with exercise, so well done Marc for really finding something you love and incorporating it into your everyday lifestyle.

You’re a true gent in the studio and outside the studio – you make everyone feel welcome and at home. You show encouragement in class and your new found love for boxing is great to see.

This praise is well deserved. Enjoy your moment.

Read his story:

So just 12 months ago weighing in at nearly 16 stone; overweight, depressed with no confidence, feeling really low in need of some help and with two boys and a wife, I was hit by a wave of emotions and in that instant new things had to change.

I tried the gym. This was about the most boring thing I could of subjected myself to, walking around the same equipment pressing sets and reps just wasn’t cutting it, so I got into classes. Mostly HIIT, PUMP, STEP and YOGA, really enjoyed it. Especially YOGA. During my time doing HIIT I met a now very good friend Dani Didone, she had been coming to BOx for a while and was promoting for me to come and try it. Actually took a few weeks of her efforts but eventually I listened and tried it. It just felt right.

Opening the door walking through and being greeted by Anne-Marie as I entered was so inviting, really warm and welcoming. Made me feel at ease right away. BOxCORE 09;30 in the middle of March 2019, a day i’ll never forget! What a workout. I knew then, this was it – this is where I want to be, this is what I have been looking for for so long. I felt so good.

I started to come to Monday’s BOxCORE every week and it didn’t take long to realise the gym wasn’t cutting it and I solely concentrated on BOx. Now attending 4 to 5 classes a week and giving it 100% each and every time, the results have shown. I absolutely love every class, no two classes are ever the same – constantly changing something. A new surprise is always round the corner.

I’ve met some lovely new friends who all work really hard and support each other during the classes. I would recommend these classes to anyone who is willing to come through the door and give it their all, have goals to achieve; desire better, fuller and more rewarding workouts that haven’t been tried before.

Now weighing in around 12 stone, feeling fitter than I felt in my 20’s (now 44), BOx is all I want to do. How have you done it? Simple answer –  listening to all the advice that is on offer at BOx. From the very top, Bo’s Meal Plan; easy read and well informed. Lovely recipes and a little education in nutrition. Followed by BOxBOSS Anne-Marie who has continued to drive and push me to my limits and her advice is always second to none. A special mention to Elaine, Sandra and Hannah, thank you all so much. I appreciate everything you all do, your supp0rt and continued efforts every time I come to train.

Smashing it all the way.



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