Our BOxER of the month in September was Steven Oliver. Steven rises to the challenge week after week, punch after punch and never fails to give 100% effort every single session. He should be proud of what he’s achieved so far with his weight loss and fitness levels and we are just super proud to say we’ve helped contribute to his confidence and successful life style balance. Training really does bring out the best in you, mentally and physically and at BOx we encourage you to push your limits as much as possible. Steven is a great example of this. Huge well done.

Read his story: 

Thanks to Dave S. I was introduced to Boxercise sessions in Quorn with Bo back in October 2015 and immediately enjoyed the mix of boxing and circuit training. When I learnt that Bo and Annie were setting up a dedicated Boutique Boxing studio in Loughborough, I couldn’t wait to see what the concept held in store for us BOxERs.

It was definitely worth the wait – a fantastic environment to work out in, thumping music, a great team and members who motivate you to go the extra mile, lift the extra weight and push yourself harder each time. It’s great to have ‘The Protein Bar’ to refuel after a session and the freshly-made ‘Wake Me Up’ smoothie is a personal fave – tastes like Snickers in a glass (but obviously much better for you)!

The BOx Team have, without doubt, helped me to get my fitness mojo back: after almost a 10yr gap since running marathons and rowing, I finally had a watershed moment at the end of 2016 and had a word with myself and set some personal goals – I wanted to get really fit again, lose 2.5 stone and build a stronger core.

 So how am I doing? I’m without a doubt fitter, have lost over 1 stone so far [that journey continues…] and core is way stronger – the 6:30am sessions fit perfectly with my work and family schedules and they really set me up for the day and I’m much more productive at work because of them.

I can’t thank the BOx team enough for setting up the Studio and building a range of innovative group sessions that keep you engaged and motivated – no two sessions are the same. So come on, what are you waiting for…get yourself down to BOx – you won’t regret it.



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