Our BOxER of the month in October was Caroline Park.

Caroline is pretty hardcore. She turns up without question every single week and literally doesn’t leave the studio unless she’s given 100% and generated some beads of sweat on the brow before the end of the 45 minutes. She is inspiring to others in the class as she’s like a machine and doesn’t give up. We all have “off days”, bu Caroline never appears to have one of these, even at 6.30 in the morning. She’s a pleasure to train because of her constant want for more and her willing to try whatever is thrown her way.

Her dedication to exercise is clear, she has a great mindset and a fantastic body to show for it. Caroline you’re an asset to BOx and we love having you train with us – huge well done.

Read her story:

I started to exercise about 9 years ago. It started with me taking part in the Moonwalk for 3 consecutive years and joining a gym. When I first started at the gym, like most people, I hated it. I felt totally out of my comfort zone and felt as though I didn’t know anything about working out. People would say to me, “keep going, you will start to like it”. How true that was! I started to see changes in my body shape, (I could see muscles) it gave me confidence and made me feel good mentally as well as physically!

Over the years I have done many different gym classes including Crossfit, then about a year ago, I saw a Facebook post from a friend raving about BOx, so I thought, let’s give it a go. I booked my first class, on a Thursday evening with the lovely Elaine and became hooked (like the pun?) pretty much straight away and haven’t looked back. I started off doing the 7 o’clock classes but due to my work circumstances, I now attend 4 early morning sessions a week and absolutely love it! I always thought I would struggle to get up at that time of the morning but I actually find it gets my day started and feel great afterwards. It obviously helps that all the instructors are so enthusiastic, music is good and the routines change from week to week, which keeps it interesting. I always make sure that I give 100% when training. It will be a long time before I hang my gloves up.



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