Our BOxER of the month in November was Rachael Gallop. Rachael has been training with us since the doors opened and has never stopped. We can’t fault her passion for BOx or her passion for change. Rachael has been a huge support and become a solid member of the BOxSQUAD. We like to think each one of our BOxER’s become’s a family member when they sign up and we thrive off those who can’t wait for more each and every session. Fitness has become part of Rachael’s life and you can really tell, the results are amazing and she should be extremely proud.

We love a transformation story and this is a fabulous one. We’re very proud of Rachael and can’t wait to see what 2018 brings.

Read her story: 

Having tried all the usual fitness fads in the past such as running, gym, classes etc I never stuck to them for long, ended up dragging myself along because I felt I had to and then never really saw any benefits to my fitness or physique. I would quickly fall out of the habit of going and that would be the end of that.

Early this year I attend BOx in their first week of opening. Wow – what a revelation! Having been to a couple of BO’s fitness classes in the past and really enjoying them, I was hoping for something similar. Yet BOx was all that and so much more! The combination of boxing and cardio in expertly put together classes was something I’d never experienced before and I was quickly hooked (no pun intended!). My fitness wasn’t great at all and I remember in the early days not being able to complete the full round of sit-ups or lift the heaviest kettle bell, but with perseverance and the guidance and encouragement of Annie and Bo, I have now progressed to a level I never thought I could achieve. My body started to change within weeks and continues to do so. I feel full of energy and fitter than I have ever done.
Aside from the brilliant classes that I look forward to every single time, the atmosphere at BOx is like no other fitness place I’ve been to.  As cliche as it sounds it really does feel like a family, with everyone happy, friendly and loving what they do. Even 6.30am classes are something to look forward to rather than dread! The BOx family continues to grow and it’s so nice to see new members arrive for their first class and then love it just as much as everyone else does.
I would encourage anyone to give BOx a try – you won’t be disappointed and you will see real results.
Thank you so much Annie and Bo for finding my love for boxing and fitness and making it an absolute joy to be part of the BOxSQUAD.



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