Our BOxER of the month in May was Jayne Slater.

Jayne doesn’t mess about! Since joining us last year she’s been consistent with her training and kept up with the same focus throughout – health and happiness. Fitness is a mindset and once you’ve found that place that gives you that buzz, it should be incorporated into your lifestyle and not seen a chore. This is exactly how Jayne thinks and she’s got results and continues to feel the benefits of punching that bag for 45 minutes. It’s not all about how many times you train, it’s about the effort you portray when you’re in that studio – Jayne’s energy helps to push others.

Well deserved Jayne; you turn up, give 100% effort whenever you’re told to in class and your fitness has massively improved. We love seeing members getting the benefits.

Read her story: 

I joined BOx last June after needing a change to my exercise routine. After my first class I absolutely loved it and it had me hooked with vibes and high energy – just what I love. 

The variety of classes are just great and never are 2 classes the same. After going through some hard personal time, BOx has been a place where I go to switch off and de-stress; it’s my happy place, even at 6.30am in the morning. I get a real buzz being at the classes. 

I’ve met some new friends – bonus! And they have great instructors, and with their encouragement it pushes me to my sweaty limits. My fitness level is now at a high thanks to BOx and I’m happy with my new weight from working hard and enjoying every minute. 

A big thanks to all the team, you’re great  xx



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