Our BOxER of the month in May was Ian Schofield. Ian was an obvious choice for this month’s BOxER prize- the man continues to smash his goals week in, week out. All of our BOxER’s are dedicated, but Ian has another level to him. He pushes his boundaries every session and he’s a pleasure to train.

Ian often attends 2 classes a day and we heavily praise that. Ian came to us in January of this year with a clear goal in mind. A clear mindset of where he wanted to get to and how he planned to do it. Our mantra at BOx has always been; mind over matter. Ian is proof that the mind is a powerful thing and your body will adjust because you’ve convinced your mind it’s going to.

Ian looks great, feels great and we’re proud of him. Keep smashing it !!

Read his story: 

So January 2018 arrived with a big bang for me!!

New year,  new me and all that. So previously I’ve done the gym thing (about 2 years ago), it started off ok for a month or so but then I found myself in a downwards spiral and it just began to get boring and monotonous and I couldn’t get myself motivated to train or even go. So then I started doing road biking which I really enjoyed until the winter arrived and along came the bad weather!

I needed to do something , I was getting unfit and started to put more weight on, and I just constantly felt tired all the time. I needed get myself into some sort of routine, something I could do week in week out and really get my teeth into it. So I asked a friend (Steven Oliver) what he did and he told me about BOx and what it was like? It Sounded brilliant and just what i needed, so I booked myself in with the Starter Pack and I’ve not looked back since! The classes are amazing, I am wanting to go training now and when the class finishes I’m already looking forward to the next one!!

I feel amazing, I’m fitter, I’m stronger and I’ve lost weight and that’s all thanks to Bo, Annie and the team at BOx!  Your classes kick ass (well they do mine!!)
(I always come away from your classes like
I’ve just taken part in an ice bucket challenge!!) The atmosphere at BOx is fantastic, really friendly and everyone is full of encouragement.



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