Our BOxER of the month in March was Sarah Parker.

Sarah joined us as soon as our doors opened. She’s given us such a great response to our workouts by giving it 100% in every class and coming out buzzin’. Our energy comes from our BOxERS and the effort and commitment they give.

We are a community, built solely on word of mouth. You walk through our doors on your own with your own goals and leave with a bunch of friends helping to motivate you. That’s what makes us different and why each month we see our BOxERS getting results and feeling great.

Sarah has listened to advice about nutrition and has been open to trying new things; to give her even better results, and it’s these little life changes that make the difference between weight loss and body fat % loss and this let’s us help each one of our BOxERS reach their goals.

Read her story:

Running has always been my passion, but as I achieved the goals that I set out to do and after London 2018, I knew I never wanted to tackle the training or distance again. Without any goals in mind slowly the love to get out there was getting less and less! It was time to look for a new way to exercise that I loved as much. I tried a few local gyms and boot-camp sessions but after a couple of classes I decided they were not for me.
I heard about BOx at work as I sat chatting with a colleague at lunch. So as BOxLEICESTER opened I took out a membership and thought ‘what have I got to lose? I’ll cancel if I don’t like it’ . That was nearly a year ago. I love it!
I can honestly say I never feel its a chore to go.  Each class offers something different, without repetitiveness, nearly a year on I have never done the same class twice. I’m a lot stronger, and the body feels a lot more toned, with arms that will look good for the summer! BOx has definitely been a great addition to my running giving me the perfect exercise mix.
Thank you BOx team for the encouragement, support, motivation and advice, you are all great.



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