Our BOxER of the month in July was Gemma Witcomb.

It’s so easy to look at Gemma and think she’s just been blessed with a fast metabolism and a slender physic, but in actual fact the incredible way she looks is purely down to her dedication to fitness and eating well.

Gemma joined the studio back in January 2020, with very little strength and a goal to get fit and toned. We can say without a shadow of a doubt that the lady in this image doesn’t even train like the lady who walked through ours doors pre covid. She’s a new woman, with a kick ass attitude to fitness.

Gemma is so much stronger, lifting weights she never thought were possible. Giving 90% effort or more in every single class attended AND all with huge stamina. It takes time, effort, consistency, drive and a lot of determination to get the results you set yourself; unless YOU want it.

So many clients have set goals and many of them are achievable, but only if you continue to work hard and truly leave each session like you couldn’t have given anymore. This is Gemma. Every. Single. Time.

This title is so deserved and we’re so proud of how far she’s come mentally and physically, (plus we’re a little jealous of her now very prominent six pack). You go girl!

Read her story:

I became a single mum when my kids were very small, so the logistics of going to scheduled classes just wasn’t possible for me.  Plus, I was always “slim” enough – so exercise wasn’t really a thing.  

But, with my kids old enough to fend for themselves (and an amazing partner on hand), I started coming to BOx just before my 40th birthday (and just before lockdown) because I wanted a new challenge – to get strong. 

I’ve been hooked ever since! I love the place, the people, the atmosphere, and the mentality. All of the instructors are so supportive and encouraging. Three phrases are stuck in my head these days;  “legs, legs, legs”, “nice burn” (it’s not!), and “put your head somewhere else”.  I can often be heard saying these, at home, for absolutely no reason! 

I’ve been so motivated by seeing the change and definition in my body, my increased strength, and the feel-good factor that I get after every class. I love that no one takes themselves too seriously, it’s a cool place, and I’ve made some great BOx friends.

Most of all, I’m thankful for the positive body image example that I can set to my kids/step-kids, especially the girls. “F**k skinny, get fit”. 



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