Our BOxER of the month in July was Megan Rowlands.
We remember Megan walking in for the first time into our Leicester studio back in July 2018 and looking a little nervous. It was a Saturday morning and she came alone, something most people fear – but after her first class she was buzzing. She loved the vibe we had going on and has been hooked ever since. Megan knows the importance of the atmosphere we’re trying to achieve at BOx and how our BOxFAM is everything. We live for our members and we strive every day to supply the very best, unique and intense workouts around.
Megan fully deserves BOxER of the month because she’s progressed so much over the last year; her fitness levels have improved massively (she’s the first one punching her way into the round once the bell rings), she’s stronger and more agile and most importantly getting a nice firm ass!
Congrats Megan – Keep living your best life.
Read her story: 
I started BOx just over a year ago after feeling like I was making no progress with my regular spin & gym classes which I found boring and lacked variety. BOx was exactly what I needed… the music, the variety of classes and the amazing instructors got me hooked from my first class. Working out at BOx never feels like a chore and there is nothing like a double class Tuesday to get you ready for the week.
Over the past couple of months BOx has been the best escapism. No matter how bad your day has been you can turn up to the most amazing bunch of people and you’re guaranteed to leave in a better mood! I’ve never met such an inspirational and motivational group of people in a gym setting, both the instructors and members are simply the best.
Massive thank you to the amazing team at BOx that work so hard to provide the best studio in Leicestershire and constantly push me beyond my limits!



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