Our BOxER of the month in January was Louise Griffin. Louise has been such a star and an amazing member of the BOxSQUAD since day 1. We want to celebrate the time Louise has spent coming each and every week, relentlessly dedicating her time and effort to becoming better and fitter, all whilst enjoying every inch of pain we throw at her. Louise travels from Leicester just to come and workout with us- that’s commitment. We remember the very early days of BOx when hardly anyone knew we existed and every Monday morning Louise would be the only member who turned up at 6.30am to train; these are the moments that make us smile and we feel proud that our BOxSQUAD is continuously growing, and that’s all from the love and support from members like Louise. So thank you.

Read her story: 

I used to do a bit of one to one boxing in the gym. I really enjoyed it but I ended up giving it up.
I had been looking for something else because I found the gym a bit boring and un-motivating, then whilst searching through Facebook I came across BOx.  Thought this was just what I was looking for and as soon as it opened I booked on a class. I was hooked straight away, the classes are amazing, different classes everyday and plenty of choice.
I try to go at least 3-4 times a week and when I feel up for it I’ll do a back to back class. If I have a week off work I’ll be there every morning, there’s no better way to start the day, even though I travel from Leicester- it’s worth it.
Bo and Annie are amazing, they make everyone feel welcome. They make you work hard but I like to know I’ve had a good workout and always leave a sweaty mess!!
Can’t wait for the new studio to open and I’m sure it will be amazing too.



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