Our BOxER of the month in January was Grace Clements.

Last year Grace came to us with a goal, she was sceptical and nervous; all the things we expect from newbies who come through the door and haven’t trained for a while or they feel out of place in fitness environments. We thrive off this because our whole ethos at BOx is to create a community that people want to be a part of and feel proud to tell people where they workout.

For Grace, we achieved this and she’s now become part of the family and actively makes the effort to ensure she gets her BOx fix in during the week at some point, because it helps her both mentally and physically.

Grace has done amazingly well with her 3 stone weight loss and she still has so much more to give. The journey she has taken so far is incredible and her HUGE weight loss has all been down to her own efforts to stick with the nutritional advice given and the session plans tailored to push those boundaries and really find that happy place. We are super proud of Grace and how hard she works in her sessions and in class. A real team player – huge success story Grace, well done.

Read her story:

Back in June 2019 I made a decision that has really changed my life. Overweight, feeling rubbish about myself and having boy troubles, I decided I needed to be the change so I nervously emailed about PT sessions and went to my first one with Bo. He immediately made me feel at ease; I would say relaxed but how relaxed can you be when you’re sweating from every inch of your body!!
After a few months of encouragement from Bo to try the classes, I eventually tried them and have not looked back. Each one is so different, and each trainer brings something different…. I was always worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up, or not be able to do the exercises set, however I really didn’t need to worry! I’ve found my pace and each week I’m improving and getting stronger and that’s thanks to the brilliant instructors and the motivation from everyone else in the class.
So far I have lost over 3 stone and my aim this year is to be the strongest I’ve been both mentally and physically. Although the aim is to lose more weight, the over-arching thought for me is to be the best version of myself. I truly believe BOx is helping me achieve this.
I never believed people when they said, ‘Find an exercise you love and you’ll stick to it’, and if I’m honest I spent years disagreeing with this – I hated the gym, I hated running and every class before made me feel like a massive lump. However I am fully converted… I actively look in my diary to see where I can fit time in to do extra classes and absolutely love how PT and classes have naturally slotted into my weekly routine.
I can’t thank everyone enough, and I really do feel like part of the BOx family xx



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