Our BOxER of the month in February was Sara Gerritsma.

WOW. It’s not every day we can proudly say we have helped a member go through such a transformation, dropping 2 dress sizes is something to shout about.

Sara has absolutely smashed the first set of goals she planned and is now reaching for the second set and we’re well behind her.

Sara recently told us that for the first time in 7 years she’s bought herself a bikini because she finally feels body confident – that’s a tear jerker for sure. Confidence is a key factor for what we promote here at BOx. It’s not all about “insta body ready”, it’s about having the confidence to walk in to a room and just be YOU.
We love hearing stuff like this because not only has exercise helped Sara’s physical appearance but it’s helped her mental strength too. Sara looks beaming, her energy levels have sky rocketed and the difference in her posture and confidence is wonderful. We do what we do to give people this feeling, the buzz to continue on their health journey, to find something they love and WANT to stick with it because of how it makes them feel. We crave results for all of our BOxERS as much as they do.

Now it’s time to celebrate another awesome BOxER; with an awesome attitude and an awesome amount of resilience.

Read her story: 

Over the last 4 years, between having my daughter 3 years ago and moving back to the UK from Australia, I had gained over 15kgs.

I became very inactive for a while and very demotivated.

I’d tried going to the gym but struggled to get the motivation and would find any excuse not to go. I tried PT sessions at the gym but felt like I was just another number to the trainers and would really struggle with the plans on my own. I even tried outdoor bootcamp but when it’s cold and wet, who wants to train outdoors?!!

So I went on the hunt for something else and found BOx.

I’ve now been a BOx member for approx 9 months.

Even with working full time, I aim to do around 3-4 classes a week which include a PT session with the amazing Elaine – who is definitely the best trainer I’ve ever had, so invested, motivating and encouraging!

I’ve seen big changes in my body since starting BOx (I’ve gone from a size 16 to a size 12 and have just purchased my first bikini in several years – yay!) but more importantly I’m seeing changes to my mental health. I’m happier in myself, I have more confidence and I know that if I have a bad day at work or at home, I can go to BOx and it will always help my headspace.

Everyone you see and meet at BOx are so friendly and encouraging and I’m so glad to be a member.



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