Our BOxER of the month in August was Sazeda Yasmin.

Sazeda, I’m not sure if you even know how far you’ve come. Sometimes we can’t all see exactly what’s changed when we look in the mirror, we can be overly critical of ourselves for so many reasons but often we don’t give ourselves enough credit when praise is due.

Sazeda has absolutely shown determination, drive and a huge amount of willing to learn and understand her body and listen to advice on what it takes to reach certain goals and the process behind it. This BOxSTAR case is one that should be truly shouted about, Sazeda has been with us pretty much since day one and shown so much passion for what we do and how we try to help people and inspire them to stay focused and train as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you for being loyal and for working so hard. Well done you! (Please see before and after’s below).

Read Her Story:

Before I joined BOx, I was pretty much sedentary and the thought of exercise scared me. I remember feeling slow and sluggish; even going up the stairs made me feel breathless. I had tried the gym a few times but could never really stick to it. Each workout felt slow and painful and I was miserable about it. My weight had gotten to the point where I was the biggest I had ever been and starting a new desk job didn’t help. 

One of my friends at work introduced me to BOx last year and I went along one day, expecting myself to look like a total idiot. I didn’t think I would fit in. I shuffled along to one of the BOxCAMP sessions led by the lovely Annie and found a workout that challenged me but I really enjoyed. Since then, I’ve liked every single class I’ve taken. BOxBEAT with Bo or Elaine, BOxFLOW with Elaine, BOxCAMP with Bo or Hannah — and of course, BOxHIIT and BOxCORE with Bo, too.

I started maximising my workouts from January 2019 by focusing on my diet too, and taking more classes (although everyone knows BOxBEAT is my favourite!). Since January, I’ve lost just over 3 stones (42lbs) and I’ve gone from a size 18, to a size 12. The most important part is that I have my confidence back and I enjoy exercising, for the first time in my life. I feel fitter and happier.

Everyone at BOx has been so supportive of my journey and I’m so thankful for all their words of encouragement. Thanks for making my workouts the highlight of my day!






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