Our BOxER of the month in April was Amanda Malawer.

Amanda has really taken her fitness journey seriously and it’s paid off. She had a bet with her hubby that she’d considerably reduce the size of her waist and she’s smashed it. Even more so than that, she’s enjoying it still. Half the battle with any commitment is sticking to it and turning it into part of your every day lifestyle, but Amanda has seen HUGE results and enjoying the health benefits mentally and physically.

Amanda has stuck to her Personal Training sessions every week and continues to attend classes every week as part of her regime –  it’s that simple! Commitment = Results.

Your mind is a powerful thing and when it’s used correctly, my god can the rewards be huge.

Read her story:

I started doing classes at BOx Loughborough last August and thoroughly enjoyed the variety of classes and all the amazing instructors. The BOx community at Loughborough is welcoming, friendly, fun and inclusive. There are people from all walks of life, ages and shapes and sizes; and fitness levels. Everyone is made to feel welcome.
From starting with classes I went on to PT with Bo, he completely understands my low boredom threshold and ensures that whilst sessions should be results driven, they also need to be varied, fun and interesting. I have always struggled with consistency however at BOx this has never been an issue as I love to go.
I stared BOx overweight, inactive and unhappy with myself and have completely changed my life habits, appearance and relationship with food. In the words of Bo I started out as a big hug and am now a small squeeze!



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