Time To Start Thinking About That Summer Body

Time to start thinking about your summer bod.

Last weekend was the first time this year that we have really seen some sunshine. Wasn’t it just great? Doesn’t it make you feel like the dark and cold days are behind us?

And doesn’t it make you think about how you are going to look this summer?

There’s always a lot of chat in gyms and fitness about “beach bodies” and so on. The fact is that not many of us are ever going to hit the surf looking like models – but we can get in better shape and feel satisfied with the way we look.

And, to be ready for the summer, now is the time to start doing that.

It’s a question of taking control over what you eat and how you exercise, targeting the areas of your body where you’d like to make improvements. It could be that you really want to make a radical change – and we can support you through that at BOx – but you might just want to make a few tweaks, to fit into that summer dress a little more easily, and we’re equipped for that, too.

The way forward is to talk to us about what you want to achieve. Our advice is expert and free. We’ll tell you which BOx classes will work best for you or, if you want to go a bit further, sign you up to a whole 12 personal training course, that’ll easily sort you out: includes a fitness plan and nutritional meal plan.

Because when the sun hits your back, you really want to feel good about yourself.

Ainsley Neckles, director, BOx



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