Easter… Chocolate… Go On Then!!

To chocolate or not to chocolate?

Ok, so Easter has been and gone, but for most of us wherever you turn, there’s still chocolate. Chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, chocolate who knows what. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.

If you’re trying to get fit and especially if you are trying to lose weight, all that chocolate means a whole lot of temptation. So what should you do?

In a way, it’s easier to look at what you shouldn’t do. So firstly, don’t throw away days and maybe weeks of good work by stuffing your face with leftover Cadbury’s. That would be stupid. If you’ve eaten an egg here or there, forget about them now. Just concentrate on not having anymore. Give away your leftover chocolate to family or neighbours. Our second piece of advice is perhaps a little more unexpected from a BOx perspective – keep a little chocolate. Eat in within reason. A little each night until it’s gone.

The key here is the phrase, “have a little.”

Just to underline: a little.

The truth about training is not just that it is difficult to completely abstain from all that the things that you enjoy but that it is simply no fun. And a big part of your life should be about fun.

At BOx, our view is that, if you have trained hard all week, you should have a small glass of wine and a piece of chocolate if that’s what you really want. You’ve earned it. It’s all about balance. But don’t drink half a bottle and eat an entire egg. That would not only probably make you feel a bit ill but would undo all your good work.

It’s all about moderation, about understanding what you are eating and what that food and drink is likely to do to your body.

Diet is such an important part of your training and, if you need any help or advice, we at BOx are always here to help.

Ainsley & Annie Neckles, directors, BOx



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