BOx WHO? 10 Things you know if you’re a BOxER

If you know, you know

1. On Fridays we turn the tunes up louder than the rest of the week, just because it’s Fri-yay!

2. The Front Of House team will give you a discounted smoothie if you flirt with them.

3. At BOx we love our Workout Wednesdays, we encourage our BOxers to challenge themselves at home too.

4. You’ll face 10 extra burpees if you turn up late to a class.

5. Singing loudly in class to your favourite tracks is encouraged, not frowned upon.

6. During certain times of the year, a resident DJ will make an appearance to spin everyone into the weekend.

7. There’s always one person during a Saturday morning class who wants to run out and throw up last nights alcohol consumption. Everyone loves a tryer.

8. On Monday mornings all pre-ordered BOxKITCHEN smoothies contain a shot of adrenaline.

9. All BOxers have a stand off for the best dressed on the last Friday of every month.

10. Our Insta Monday Motivations are the only thing that get you through a tough week.





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