BOx Visited BBC Radio Leicester Today

Listen to our full interview with Ady Dayman on BBC Radio Leicester this morning. If you were wondering whether to come and give boxing a go, listen to our interview and you might be tempted. …..

Easter… Chocolate… Go On Then!!

To chocolate or not to chocolate? Ok, so Easter has been and gone, but for most of us wherever you turn, there’s still chocolate. Chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, chocolate who knows what. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. …..

Time To Start Thinking About That Summer Body

Time to start thinking about your summer bod. Last weekend was the first time this year that we have really seen some sunshine. Wasn’t it just great? Doesn’t it make you feel like the dark …..

PRESS RELEASE – Dillian Whyte drops into our new studio

RECENT PRESS RELEASE – LEICESTER MERCURY & LOUGHBOROUGH ECHO. British boxing champion Dillian Whyte “just drops in” on innovative new Loughborough boxing studio. Staff at an innovative new Loughborough boxing studio were shocked and delighted …..

Why BOx?

Why the time is right to BOx Why boxing? It’s a question we’ve been asked a lot since we launched BOx last month. The truth is that there are are a lot of different answers. …..



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