Personal Training


At BOx we like to spoil you; say “hello transformation”. Our Personal Training sessions are the root to your evil. We have worked hard to make sure we provide each individual with a comfortable environment for one to one sessions. With our years of knowledge and experience, we’re confident we can get you that dream body you’ve always wanted.

Box Classes


Our main studios have been designed with our BOxERS in mind; dark and intense, making you feel confident to pack a punch like you’re the only one in the room, while the music has been tailored to pump you up and get the best out of you. Expect high energy and a unique space. All sessions are easy to book on the go via our free app, Facebook or online.




Ainsley Personal Trainer



Born and bred Leicester boy, with a passion for all things fitness. Expect him to talk to you about Championship boxing at least once a day, he lives and breathes the sport. Give him Boxnation over Eastenders any day of the week. Ainsley has his own personal goals, which is to help others beat that last meltdown on the scales and to educate all of his clients about the easiest and safest way to get results. Ainsley has the passion and drive to get you into shape and believes every client is a partnership. Why can’t you work hard and play hard? His energy is infectious and his extensive knowledge of nutrition will push you closer to those goals. Just be prepared to get sweaty.

Annie Personal Trainer



With a background in dance, music and fashion, Annie thrives off a good beat and a strong look (having designed all of the BOxWEAR). She believes the only way to get through a hard session is to focus on the music, breathe and daydream about the perfect beach body. As a new mum, Annie knows what pressures women put themselves under to stay in shape and shift that baby weight. So never feel guilty about cake again, she’ll just want you to sweat for it.

"Life is about balance, not perfection."

Mike Personal Trainer



20 years of fitness experience started with Mike’s love for boxing, which has given him the opportunity to grow his knowledge and abilities as a high performing Fitness Coach and Motivator. Mike is determined to bring his own unique style, enthusiasm, encouragement and fun, to really make a difference to exercising and to the individual BOxER.

Nutrition is also very important to Mike, as you cannot exercise your way out of a bad diet. You can look forward to him putting all his energy and effort towards helping you to truly discover a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

"Bringing Health and Wellbeing to the Masses”.

James Personal Trainer



Over 7 years experience in Personal Training and intense classes, James is no stranger to a burpee. His own training is aimed to build muscle and become stronger, but don’t think this will make him slow on his feet. Naturally having a competitive nature, James is always trying to get the best results for his clients. A structured and scientific approach to training takes out the guesswork and let’s the results do the talking. James finds this builds self-confidence and muscle definition with clients.

“If training is a chore you just haven’t found the right way to train yet.”

James Personal Trainer



Hannah has a strong love for all things relating to health and fitness. She brings a wealth of experience to BOx with 12 years in corporate leisure and 8 years punishing clients in group sessions. She’s no stranger to a burpee or hard work. Hannah's mantra "don't wish for it, work for it" has driven her personally to compete in numerous marathons and 20 mile obstacle courses. Just becoming a new mummy means she is no stranger to real life body transformations, using herself as her latest project. Hannah is proof that mummy tummies really can disappear in 16 weeks.

A force to be reckoned with.

Sky Personal Trainer



For a long time Laura has had a passion for health and fitness, but only recently decided to train (alongside her day job in football) to become a Level 2 qualified instructor. She has played netball from a young age and discovered a love she never knew she had for boxing after joining BOx as a valued member. For Laura, exercise is an escape, a chance to forget about the stresses of everyday life and focus on yourself and what your body is capable of achieving - even if it’s just for 45 minutes a day!

Helping others to achieve fitness goals is one of her primary motivations, as is making exercise fun, so you’re less likely to throw in the towel! She’s renowned for being overly nice, but packs a good punch, so don’t let her friendly exterior fool you.

Sky Personal Trainer



Being a fitness instructor is the one of the best things Katy has done, changing her life for the better. Being a single mum of two wonderful boys, starting up wasn’t easy, but after some brave decisions it’s paid off and she’s now in a better place mentally and physically than ever before. Becoming part of the fitness industry has changed Katy as a person, making her stronger, confident and finally having some self belief.

She has tons of passion and really believes in health and fitness. She overcomes obstacles with determination ad won’t give up the fight. She’s small but loud - watch out!

Kyo Personal Trainer



He’s a certified Personal Trainer and his speciality is strength training (can you tell). Having always been relatively active and healthy, Kyo’s real passion for fitness and nutrition started when he participated in an eight week intense training programme; in preparation for a white collar boxing charity fight. Being in the best shape of his life, mentally and physically and having discovered the recreational side of keeping fit, led him to chase a career within the health and fitness industry.

Now Kyo aims to coach others the importance of keeping active and help motivate people to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Suzie Personal Trainer



Suzie has a background in music and dance having had professional theatre training, and she found fitness and yoga when her dance training came to an end after multiple knee injuries. Yoga was the one form of exercise she could continue to do through injuries across the years, and found the mindfulness aspect helped her to get through the emotional and mental battles of recovering from injuries.

Suzie is so passionate about everyone being able to access fitness, regardless of size, shape and ability. She is confident everyone will walk out of her classes feeling like a warrior and able to tackle anything life should throw at them!

You should also know that Suzie is a professional singer outside of class, so its unlikely you’ll get through a class without being asked to sing along with her at the top of your voice!

Cheryl Personal Trainer



Qualified yoga and meditation teacher, with a huge passion for anything fitness related; Cheryl wants to help everybody to become the VERY best version of themselves.

Being a busy mum of 4 and understanding the need to stay fit and healthy, Cheryl believes in nurturing and empowering everyone on their journey to a happy mind, body and soul. With a keen focus on female empowerment, Cheryl will help to guide you towards your goals. “Anything is possible”.


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