Our BOxER of the month in October was Amy Walker. Amy is driven not only in class with her ‘YES one more burpee’ attitude, but her commitment and balance outside of the studio shows how motivated she is and how much she wants it. Amy has since encouraged husband Matt to join our BOxFAM and together they make a great team. Amy and Matt’s love of BOx and the sheer hard work they both put in makes us feel all warm inside and proud that we have created an atmosphere good enough for someone’s date night choice.

Amy makes everyone feel welcome, new or recurring members and her warm smile (before and after class I might add), helps everyone feel ready to go all guns blazing for an hour. Amy has been with us since we opened and has kept up with her training ever since. There’s no stopping her, she’s a fireball and we praise that. She’s looking incredible; keep up the good work girl.

Read her story: 

Having not done any dedicated exercise for years (since school if I’m honest!) and with the BIG 40 looming in May this year, I decided I needed to start weaving exercise into my life. I knew the older I got the less inclined I’d be to start something new. I’d been to gyms, swimming, and tried various other classes but nothing ever really got me excited about exercise, it was a chore, boring. That was until… I was introduced to BOx.

I’ve always had an interest in boxing, so I thought I’d give it a try. That was back in February when the studio first opened and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve become a monthly member and aim to do 3 to 4 classes a week (more if I can!) BOx has become part of my routine, it’s a 42 mile round trip, so it must be good! Each class is unique and challenging in different ways, I actually can’t wait to get to my class.

From the moment you arrive, Annie and Bo make you feel welcome, you can feel the vibe and energy in an instant. The classes, the decor, clothing range and smoothies, are what give BOx it’s great ethos. Be part of it. I’m so happy I am.



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