Our BOxER of the month in February was Sandra Clayton. Sandra is a force to be reckoned with. Her efforts during each session help to give everyone around her the energy they need to push on until the bitter end. We love a team player at BOx and Sandra is definitely one of those. Get up, give 100%, get on… Sandra does exactly that.

Despite Sandra’s awesome enthusiasm and undeniably toned physique, she has goals just as much as the next person and loves to challenge herself, this is why she deserves this reward. Fitness is as much about mind set as it is the way you look externally, we like to think at BOx that we provide everyone with somewhere to escape for 45 minutes, away from the hustle and bustle of life and we’re proud to say we’ve helped to do this for Sandra. Keep striving to be the best version of yourself that you can be girl, because you’re smashing it so far !!

Read her story: 

I have been coming to BOx for just under a year now and I do four different classes a week. In this time I have become so much stronger and fitter and my body shape has changed, this has improved my self confidence as well as made me feel healthier.
I am someone who feels intimidated in the gym and until I found BOx I never really committed to any exercise for long. At BOx I felt welcome and comfortable from day 1, I love the banter and the feeling of being part of the BOxSQUAD!
Each class is so different so there really is something for everyone. Bo and Annie push you to reach those fitness goals, I’m always working towards mine!
Most of all though BOx is MY time, 45 minutes of not thinking about anything other than the music and punching out my frustrations on the bag! I wouldn’t be without it now!



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